Ohlins Road & Track Forks



  • The Road and Track 30mm cartridge inverted fork offers your Harley the smoothest more controlled ride of any other suspension available.  The Inverted forks decrease unsprung weight while transferring rigidity and strength to your triple trees and overall increasing ride-ability, comfort, and overall performance.

    With a fork length of 31.5 inches these are long enough to run on your Harley without loosing excessive ground clearance as you would with most other inverted forks.

    Our Ohlins Forks come set up with the correct spring set and adjustments for your Harley touring bike and your specific chosen rider weight.

    Some riders will prefer a softer or stiffer ride, please specify your preference in order notes.

    Shocks will be customized for you prior to shipping based on rider weight and riding style. This product is considered Special Order.

    Öhlins offers an Upside Down universal fork for any ­custom builder that wants to give the bike supreme ­suspension in the familiar Öhlins Racing design. They are available in an Öhlins gold version as well as a black version.

  • Inverted universal fork with length 31.5" (800 mm) and stroke 120 mm. Diameter 50/54mm.

    For more details please download the Mounting Instructions.

    The technology in this fully adjustable inverted fork has been ­proven through the years on numerous applications and works for a range of different applications.

    The fork gives the possibility to adjust spring preload as well as compression and rebound damping adjustment.

    The fork bottoms come without brake ­caliper and fender mountings, this enables the fork to be easily adapted to various models.

    • Length: 800 mm
    • Stroke: 120 mm
    • Rate N/mm: 8,5 N/mm
    • Position: front
    • Mounted spring: 04744-85
    • Spring series: 08790-Serie

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