Moto Pro Digital Display Kit (Includes Gauge)


  • Hands down - the Moto Pro Digital Display is the most advanced digital motorcycle dashboard gauge on the market. It allows you to measure anything imaginable, deliver all sorts of data at a moments notice and is designed with all of the accessory pieces and parts for you to install this very high tech, clean and beautiful system on your machine. This is not bolt on crap, like an LED lighting kit with scotch block connectors.

    Before purchasing the Moto Pro Digital Display Kit, please download the instruction manual to get familiar the units near miraculous capabilities and install procedure to ensure correct wiring to your motorcycle. For functions other than speedometer and tachometer, you will need either Breakout Box "A" or "B".

    Installing this system is not rocket science, but it does require you know your away around your machines electrical systems. Having this knowledge will allow you to have a working rockstar dashboard, keep the magic smoke in the wires and warranty intact. If you are prone to letting smoke escape from your wiring jobs, do everyone a favor and bring it to a qualified shop that will meticulously do the work properly. Please.

    So, more to the point, because we could go on forever about this dashboard and it's marvelous capabilities - KRAUS makes an absolutely stunning and perfect fitting dashboard housing from billet aluminum to house this marvel of technology, allowing it to look right at home on your machine - so please check it out, ok?

  • Some factoids from Moto Pro about this electronic dashboard wonder system…

    Cutting edge technology with stylish design. 734 LEDs governed by a 16-bit RISC processor drives the self-illuminating, automatic brightness control display matrix. It provides optimal readability even under conditions of direct sunlight.

    The rev-counter is fully scalable via the analog LED band with drag indicator function. Main and secondary displays are user configurable. Another display section serves the gear indicator. Four indicator lights are pre-installed and can be used for additional input signals via Breakout Boxes.

    The dashboard communicates over a digital one-wire bus (m-Bus) with additional Breakout Boxes to easily expand the application spectrum. This allows application to a wide range of motorcycles. The instrument is equipped with an ABE and does not have to be registered.



  • Parts Delivered


    • Moto Pro Instruction Manual
    • Clamps to common 1.25” risers
    • Clamp is 1.25” on 3.5” center
    • Forward/reverse tilt is adjustable
    • Use Breakout Boxes to connect indicator light signals or to connect Harley Davidson digital bus-systems
    • Breakout Box A (for indicator lights)
    • Breakout Box B (for indicator lights and temperature)
    • M-Switch Two Button
    • Motogadget M-Button Wiring Harness
    • May require custom wiring
Black Anodized
Bar Mount
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The most advanced digital motorcycle gauge on the market

Moto Pro Digital Display Kit
Moto Pro Digital Display Kit

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