Moto Pro Digital Display Breakout Box B



  • Moto Pro Digital Display Breakout Box B allows for use of temperature and oil pressure in addition to the indicator light functions provided by Breakout Box A.

    Screw terminals make wiring easy. Compact dimensions allow for mounting of the breakout box and the cables connected to it anywhere on the motorcycle.

    The breakout box is waterproof and vibration resistant.

    • Dimensions (LxWxH): 28 x 53 x 10 mm
    • Inputs for:
    • Tank capacity / reserve
    • Oil pressure switch
    • Right turn signal
    • Left turn signal
    • High beam
    • Neutral
    • Engine warning light
    • Oil temperature
    • Oil pressure
    • Water temperature
    • Outside temperature
  • Parts Delivered

    • Moto Pro Digital Display Breakout Box B


    • Moto Pro Instruction Manual
    • WARNING! Breakout Box B is only compatible with the current generation of the Motoscope Pro. It’s not compatible with older-generation devices (shown by the lack of barcode labels).
    • Contact us with fitment questions
    • May require custom wiring
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