Marchesini M10RS Kompe 10 Spoke forged Aluminum Wheel set



  • Thirty years experience in manufacturing in light alloy wheels and an enviable series of successes: Marchesini quality meets the needs, in terms of performance and cost, of all bike enthusiasts.

  • The M10RS Kompe is a forged aluminium 10-spoke wheel with the distinctive Y shape that has become a classic over the years. 
Loved and desired by generations of bike enthusiasts, the M10RS Kompe is an example of a perfect balance between technological content, aesthetic appeal and cost which is well in line with what most riders can afford.

  • These wheels come with the Kraus Harley Hub set and fit 2006 and up Harley Dyna's or any bike running Kraus Inverted SP or ST front ends.

  • They require traditional hub mounted brake rotors with 2000 and later 2.21" centering hole.

  • Offered in Black or Gold Anodizing

  • The usual wait time for the Marchesini wheel is around six weeks although it can be longer. If you have questions please contact us before purchase.

  • Fitment

    • This wheel set comes complete with the Kraus Harley Hub set installed
    • Fitment for bikes with Kraus Inverted Dynamoto SP or Touring ST front ends.
    • Fitment for 2006 and up Harley Dyna's (Require custom front and rear wheel spacer sets for stock fitment)
    • Require traditional hub mounted brake rotors with 2000 and later 2.21" centering hole.
    • Contact us with fitment questions.

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