Isolated Riser Kickback Brace


  • The Isolated Riser Kickback Brace converts your Kraus Isolated Straight Riser into a kickback riser with a one-piece kickback center section that pulls the handlebar back 1.5" toward the rider. Like the Kraus Isolated Riser, the legs are solid-mounted to the top triple tree with our supplied billet bushings and the rubber isolators have been relocated inside our billet midsection just below the bar clamp. The result is increased rider comfort and superior performance due to the more rigid, responsive setup. The proprietary use of these rubber isolators also reduces handlebar vibration and play due to less leverage being placed on the bushings.

    Note: Adding the Kickback Brace will increase the height by about 2.25". You may need to reorder legs depending on your desired height. See Fitment Tab for riser height chart.

  • When installing legs on Kickback Isolated Risers

    • 3.5" Legs = 8" Risers
    • 5.5" Legs = 10" Riser
    • 7.5" Legs = 12" Risers
    • 9.5" Legs = 14" Risers
    • Installation Instruction
Anodized Black
Machine Finish

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