GP Suspension HD Cartridge Install Tool Kit


GP Suspension Fork Cap Tool with V2 GP Plate for installing and servicing GP Suspension 25mm Cartridge Kits


GP Suspension, 25mm Cartridge Kit

This kit includes the following parts:

  • 008-02100-008 - GP Suspension fork cap base
  • 008-02100-010 - GP Suspension V2 fork cap adapter for all HD models
  • 008-02101-001 - GP Suspension bleeder tool (For pulling the rod thru the spring to attach the cap, and also for bleeding the cartridges of air)
  • 008-01024-001 G - GP Suspension thin 17/19mm wrench (For installing the fork cap on the rod)

For install instructions please follow the appropriate link.

39mm Instructions | 43mm Instructions | 49mm Instructions

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