RG Billet Gauge Bezel



  • (Select 1.25" clamps with Kraus Risers. Select 1.5" Clamps for Non-Kraus Brand aftermarket 1.5" riser legs.)

  • The Kraus RG Billet Gauge Bezel allows you to ditch your stock plastic gauge housing and clean up your Road Glide dash. This beautifully machined piece encases your stock Harley gauges and mounts in a variety of different ways. Wether you use our Universal Clamp Mount or Top Mount, you can put your gauges exactly where you can see them. Also included in our kit is a 3" Extension Arm, providing you even more flexibility with how you want your setup.

  • Fits 2014-and up Road Glide Stock Gauges.

    The Kraus Gauge Bezel can be paired with any of the following mounting styles

    • Kraus Isolated Risers Top Clamp
    • Universal T-bar & Riser Clamp (Use 1.25" clamps with Kraus Risers. Use 1.5" Clamps for Non-Kraus Brand aftermarket 1.5" riser legs.) (1.25" diameter clamps are 3.5" on center and can be mounted in front or behind the risers/bars)
    • Replacement 1" OEM Harley Bar Clamp (as pictured)
    • Forward/Reverse tilt is adjustable 
    • All Billet Design
    • Light and compact
    • Comes with a 3" Extension for more adjustability or to run the Gauge Bezel on the rider side of your risers.
    • Now compatible with Dakota Digital Gauges.

    * Please note that we've had a few people report back that the Universal T-Bar Riser Clamp may not work with the West Coast T-Bar. 

Black Anodized
Machine Finish
Wire Harness Extension

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