Dyna Rear Radial Caliper Mount


This piece of engineering excellence, the KRAUS Dyna Rear Radial Caliper Mount,  is machined out of billet aluminum and allows you to run a single 108mm radial caliper on the rear of your FXD/Dyna. It looks great and will compliment any bikes style.

The KRAUS Dyna/FXD Rear Radial Caliper Mount allows you to bolt up a single radial caliper to the rear axle/wheel of your Dyna. This mount will allow fitment of commonly found 108mm style calipers and will allow up to a 300mm Rotor Size.

You want to enhance your machine by adding  radial brake type braking power and a distinctive look - using quality parts? KRAUS has the economical solution right here, the KRAUS Dyna Rear Radial Caliper Mount.

KRAUS Rear Radial Caliper Mount are offered in 3/4", and 25mm diameters – 1 inch diameter by special order.

NOTE: Please make sure you get an accurate measurement of your stock axle diameter to confirm proper fitment before ordering. If you have any challenges doing this, call us, we know the specs and can help.

Caliper spacers may be needed to space off your caliper to the appropriate hight depending on your rotor size.

Black Anodized

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