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  • Many factors must be taken into account to build a chassis like this.

    Everything starts with the chassis. From forward and rear weight distribution to suspension and braking behavior. The ridability of the motorcycle depends on the combination of the rigid members and the moving parts. The chassis takes the work of the drivetrain, suspension, and brakes and translates it to controllable forward movement. If this system is not adequately engineered then it will not perform the way it should or worse it will brake down. In contrast, when engineered properly, the chassis will supply the proper framework for a machine that can perform and be trusted by its pilot. The rear suspension on Bolide uses an uncommon design for an American v-twin drivetrain based bike. The mono shock swingarm is a well proven system but is not often used because of the configuration of the transmission, oil bag and swingarm pivot position

    Designed in the spirit of Tourist Trophy. Engineered and built as a complete road ready and high performance machine. Bolide has a classic look, top of the line performance components, and a raw metal finish. It has everything you need and nothing you don’t.

    • Make/Model: Kraus Bolide
    • Year: 2011
    • Fabrication / Assembly: Kraus Motor Co.
    • Build time: 9 months
    • Engine: S&S Shovelhead 93”H
    • Cases: S&S
    • Rods: S&S
    • Pistons: S&S
    • Cylinders: S&S
    • Heads: S&S
    • Cam: S&S
    • Ignition: S&S
    • Carb: S&S Super E
    • Pipes: Kraus Motor Co.  Stainless 2 into 1 with a reverse cone.
    • Air Cleaner: Kraus Motor Co.
    • Transmission: Baker Powerbox 6 speed
    • Primary: BDL open belt 2”
    • Clutch: BDL
    • Frame: Kraus Motor Co. Mono Shock swingarm
    • Rake: 28˚
    • Stretch: 0
    • Forks: Yamaha R6
    • Fork length (+ or -): 0
    • Additional rake in trees:  0
    • Front wheel: 17 x 3.5
    • Rear wheel:  17 x 5.5
    • Front Tire (size and make): Metzler Sportect M3 120/70R17
    • Rear Tire (size and make): Metzler Sportect M3  170/60ZR17
    • Front Brake: Beringer Brakes Dual 6 piston calipers, 320mm floating rotors
    • Rear Brake: Beringer Brakes 4 piston, 320mm floating rotor
    • Fuel Tank: Aluminum Kraus Motor Co.
    • Oil Tank: Aluminum Kraus Motor Co.
    • Fenders: Aluminum Kraus Motor Co.
    • Handlebars: 3 way adjustable raised clip-ons Kraus Motor Co.
    • Headlight: Aluminum housing Kraus Motor Co.
    • Taillight: Dual Ultra Bright LED’s Kraus Motor Co.
    • Hand Controls: Beringer Brakes
    • Grips: Todd Cycles
    • Foot Controls: Kraus Motor Co. stainless mid controls
    • Pegs: Pro Taper
    • Electrical: Kraus Motor Co.
    • Painter: Zane Cullen, Cotati Speed Shop
    • Color: Raw Aluminum sheet metal with a red racing stripe and bronze metal coating on frame
    • Polishing: Kraus Motor Co.
    • Seat: Obie Beaver – Beaver Leather Craft

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