Beringer Brake Rotors



  • Beringer brake rotors combine all the important points to ensure optimum performance with effective and consistent braking. Through the use of High grade precision ground stainless steel friction discs and a high-performance aluminum alloy carrier, a weight saving of 20% is achieved.

  • Offered in 3 sizes for hub mount wheel applications 
    • 11.5"
    • 11.8"
    • 12.6"  (320mm) for radial calipers and big brake adapters

  • Fitment

    • Use 11.5" or 11.8" rotors for stock brake caliper fitments.
    • 12.6" (320mm) rotors can be used when running our radial caliper mounts and adapters with aftermarket radial calipers.
    • 11.8 rotors will fit both front and rear applications but we do not recommend floating rotors on the rear because the carriers will degrade quickly do to forward drive torque. 
    • Contact us with fitment questions.
Centering Hole Size

For Beringer there is no difference between parts offered to the general public and racing riders

Beringer Radial Caliper and Rotor
Beringer Radial Caliper and Rotor

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