Beringer Brake Master Cylinder Hand Control


    • Beringer brake master cylinders, with an integrated reservoir are very light and compact. The lever is easily adjustable and the idle stroke of the piston is accurately adjusted at the factory. Friction is reduced with ball bearing mounting axes. This technique provides more strength and a reduction of the effort together with a higher accuracy delivering really “fine” feeling. Thanks to this arrangement and radial technology, the braking power is increased by 40%.

    • Lever Options

      Beringer Lever Options
    • Fitment

      • Contact us with fitment questions.
      • If you are running stock Harley buttons we suggest you run the #4 or #5 lever for clearance.
Beringer Black
Beringer Red
Beringer Blue
Beringer Gold
Beringer Silver
Beringer Titanium
Beringer Orange
Handle Bar Clamps

For Beringer there is no difference between parts offered to the general public and racing riders

Beringer Brake Master Cylinder Hand Control
Beringer Brake Master Cylinder Hand Control

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