49mm Sport Performance Triple Tree Set


KRAUS 49mm Triple Trees are the foundation of a strong, properly engineered front end.  

KRAUS 49mm Triple Trees are engineered and designed to improve the handling and behavior of your Harley Dyna.  We have applied all of the knowledge that we've gained from our Dynamoto inverted front ends to the design and geometry of these trees, offering the absolute best setup using stock 49mm forks.  The 49mm trees have 0 degrees of rake and a proprietary offset that correct many of the bad handling characteristics of the late model Dynas.  The larger surface area of the fork clamps and the engineered cross section offer more rigidity and strength over stock.  The use of a bearing tensioning nut offers positive and secure bearing adjustment.  These improvements directly affect the behavior of the front end. Making the bike feel lighter, more agile and more stable at both high and low speeds. Machined in the USA from solid billet aluminum to world class standards.

KRAUS 49mm Triple Trees come complete with a nickel coated, high strength alloy steel stem, and a modular lower headlight mount. These trees come complete and ready to install on your Harley-Davidson Dyna or custom bike. Click here to download the installation guide.

GPR Steering Damper ready - Add a GPR Steering Damper with a Kraus Mount for the ultimate stability and control

KRAUS Triple Trees use OEM H-D stock size neck bearings. (bearings not included)


Machine Finish
Black Anodized

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