BST Carbon Fiber Wheel Rear 5.5 x 18 Touring


The Advantages of BST Carbon Fiber Wheel.

The wheel is lighter… so the bike is lighter… so it’s easier to handle – less fatigue
  • The carbon fiber wheel is lighter in the RIM and in the SPOKES – which lowers the Moment of Inertia
  • Better and lighter handling
  • Quicker response to the rider’s commands
  • Faster acceleration
  • Quicker braking
  • Safer riding
  • Beautiful carbon fiber finish in high gloss
  • BST Wheels Improve Performance Dramatically

Weight saving on the BST wheels works like this:

  • The Outer Rim affects 85% of the overall performance of the wheel – we have made it lighter
  • The Spokes affect 10% of the overall performance of the wheels – we have made them lighter
  • The Hub center affects 5% of the overall performance of the wheels – we have made it lighte

We have reduced weight where it increases performance most – a feat which only our carbon fiber wheel can achieve because we are able to engineer with the material – Carbon Fiber.
If you reduce weight in the CORRECT places, you save on rotational inertia – and physics takes care of the rest.

BST's are the authority when it comes to optimising carbon fibre technology to reduce unsprung weight and to change the moment of inertia – making your bike faster, lighter and easier to handle. 


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