FM Fly Moto Style Bars for Stock Harley Hand Controls



  • Note: HD Heated Grips are not compatible with these bars

    These moto style bars feature the typical 1-1/8" riser clamping area but TAPER down to 1" and will accommodate stock Harley hand controls and feature the ability to run Throttle By Wire (TBW) and regular cable throttle. They are pre-slotted for internal wiring. Bars are 32" wide, pullback is 3" and rise is 2.5"

    These bars work with Kraus 1-1/8" Isolated Risers. When ordering the Isolated Riser select 1-1/8" for the Bar Clamp Size (NOT 1"). 

    We do our own machining operation on these bars so that they are compatible with the wiring slot of our Isolated Risers.

    • Throttle By Wire ready 
    • Works with regular cable throttle 
    • Do not work with interior heated elements
    • If you plan to run stock 2014 up switch housings with these bars you will need to change your master cylinder and clutch perch clamps to early model clamps Harley OEM part #45138-08A  
    • Colors other than black may be special order with a lead time of 1 week.
    • The gold, silver, red and black anodized are susceptible to color fade when exposed to sun-light. We recommend powder coated bars for the best longevity.
    • Finish options include gold black or silver anodized
    • Black powder coat
Powder Coated

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