Nicks Dyna


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  • Aggressive and made to ride hard.

    The bike isn’t flashy or colorful but it looks clean and simple. Dynamoto has a supermoto style to it; this one would appeal to the Harley riders that want more. So thinking along the lines of minimalism and styling to the point, we stripped a stock 2000 FXDX down to the frame and motor. We threw out all the tins, the stock front end, bars and controls, wheels, brakes… all the crap that sucked. Basically everything except the frame motor and trany. We even scrapped the heavy closed wet primary. The only mods to the frame: cut off the battery box mounts, the electrics box on the left side and trim the rear fender horns down to less than half their stock length. Everything else we built custom, the way it’s supposed to be.

    Nicks Dyna is all about function with good looks, a Harley the way we build them.

    • Year/Make/Model: 2000 / Harley/ Dyna FXDX
    • Build time: 4.5 months
    • Engine: Twin Cam
    • Cases: Harley
    • Rods: Harley
    • Pistons: Harley
    • Cylinders: Harley
    • Heads: Harley
    • Cam: Harley
    • Ignition: Harley
    • Carb: CV
    • Pipes: Kraus Motor Co. 2 into 1 with a reverse cone.
    • Air Cleaner: Kraus Motor Co. K&N
    • Transmission: Harley
    • Primary: BDL open belt 2”
    • Clutch: BDL
    • Frame: Harley FXDX
    • Rake: 28˚
    • Stretch: 0
    • Forks: GSXR 1000
    • Front wheel: 21 x 3.5
    • Rear wheel: 18 x 5.5
    • Front Tire (size and make): Metzler 120/70-21
    • Rear Tire (size and make): Metzler 170/60-18
    • Front Brake: Tokico 4 piston radial caliper, 320mm floating rotor
    • Rear Brake: Tokico 4 piston inboard brake by Kraus Motor Co.
    • Fuel Tank: Aluminum Kraus Motor Co.
    • Fenders: Aluminum rear tail section
    • Handlebars: Kraus Motor Co. Moto High Bars
    • Risers:  Kraus Motor Co.
    • Headlight: Kraus Motor Co. Aluminum 6″
    • Taillight: Kraus Motor Co. Ultra Bright LED
    • Hand Controls: ISR levers
    • Grips: Renthal Rubber
    • Foot Controls: Kraus Motor Co. stainless mid controls
    • Pegs: Kraus Motor Co.
    • Electrical: Kraus Motor Co.
    • Color: Raw Aluminum sheet metal and flat black powder coating on frame
    • Seat: Obie Beaver – Beaver Leather Craft

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