Johnson Special



  • In motorcycles ergonomics is more important than horse power; if you aren’t comfortable you will not be able to use the machine properly.

    There’s an amazing thing about the Johnson Special: the way the sitting position, bars and foot controls are placed, the bike is a perfect fit for anyone that sits on it, it almost feels as if it forms itself to the rider. We set the neck to 40 degrees and used one of our own triple tree-less BMX-rated front ends. This front end is so light and agile that it really translates to a nice ride. Also the unsprung weight is so minimal that any bumps in the road are smoothed out; up front at least. The bars are similar position to some medium height hangers. For Hand controls we’re running our Twist Brake on the right and our Hydraulic Twist Clutch on the left.

    A beautifully simple custom with a little Kraus low rider styling.

    • Johnson Special
    • Build time: 6 months
    • Engine: 96″ Evo
    • Cases: Delcron
    • Pistons: Wiseco
    • Cylinders: S&S
    • Heads: S&S
    • Cam: S&S
    • Ignition: Crain Cams
    • Carb: S&S Super E
    • Pipes: Kraus Motor Co.
    • Air Cleaner: TPJ Customs. K&N
    • Transmission: Harley 5 speed
    • Primary: BDL open belt 3”
    • Clutch: BDL
    • Frame: Kraus Motor Co.
    • Rake: 40˚
    • Stretch: 2″
    • Forks: Kraus BMX-Rated
    • Front wheel: 21 x 3.5
    • Rear wheel: 18 x 5.5
    • Front Tire (size and make): Metzler 120/70-21
    • Rear Tire (size and make): Metzler 200/55-18
    • Front Brake: Performance Machine 4 piston caliper
    • Rear Brake: Performance Machine 4 piston Sprocket Brake
    • Fuel Tank: Kraus Motor Co.
    • Fender: Kraus Motor Co.
    • Oil Tank: Kraus Stainless PortOil bag
    • Handlebars: Kraus Motor Co.
    • Headlight: Headwinds 4.5″
    • Taillight: Kraus Motor Co. Ultra Bright LED
    • Hand Controls: Kraus Twist Controls
    • Grips: Kraus Billet Aluminum
    • Foot Controls: Kraus Motor Co. Stainless Forward Controls
    • Pegs: Kraus Motor Co.
    • Electrical: Kraus Motor Co.
    • Seat: Obie Beaver – Beaver Leather Craft

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