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  • As a motorcycle rider one thing is sure, that once you've experienced a taste of performance and ability in a motorcycle it becomes more and more important. To be sure of a machines capabilities allows the world to open up.  When you know you can get on a bike and ride 500 miles in a day and there are very few other machines on the road that compare is empowering.  We exist and thrive in the custom world of machines and in this work there’s one consistent thread.  Always improve.  With this bike I chose to build a rocketship. We are running our Kraus Dynamoto Inverted Front End with Ohlins forks and Beringer Radial Brake Calipers. This bike doesn't only handle amazing but it goes fast, and stops with extreme quickness.

  • I knew the Dynamite motor needed to be something special so I called on my friend Dave Bozzie to work his expertise.  With the help of Feuling Parts, S&S Cycles, and Delkron Dave set out to build a high revving snappy 107”.   We Took almost 4 lbs out of the flywheel, polished, welded and balanced it.  Keeping the stroke stock Dave added displacement with bigger cylinders and pistons.  Feuling Parts provided one of their complete Bulletproof Geardrive Cam Chest kits, Beehive Valve springs and Titanium Keepers.  The Heads had about a weeks worth of work in them.  All the magic tricks!  The motor revs to 8000rpm with a very smooth climbing torque curve.  There’s a power band hit at 4,100 RPM than pulls your neck back.  The motor was built to compliment the handling and overall geometry of this Dyna.  The Carbon Fiber BST wheels make a huge difference with spin up and braking.  They really make the bike feel and act very light.  We machined a one off Billet Trellised swing arm out of 7075 aluminum that sits at a steeper angle and adds about 2 inches of height in the back of the bike.  This increase gives a lot of ground clearance and steepens the neck angle to improve agility and corner ability.  The fully adjustable Ohlins shocks suck up bumps and stabilize the rear end of this beast nicely.   Of course up front we are running our Kraus Dynamoto Inverted Front End with Ohlins forks and Beringer Radial Brake Calipers. This bike doesn't only handle amazing but it goes fast, and stops with extreme quickness.   I’ve done some big road trips on this bike already, usually making sure to find the windiest roads to travel on.  It handles the big open highways like a big bike should but also pitches into the corners with ease  and confidence.  It tracks very well, I have not found any ill handling issues.  The bike is tight and crisp and does not have any of the sloppy feeling of a harley.  As far as I’m concerned the bike does everything it was intended to do with flying colors.  Total success!

    • Make/Model: Dynamite
    • Year: 2014
    • Fabrication/Assembly: Kraus Motor Co.
    • Model: Harley 2001 FXD
    • Time: 2.5 months
    • Engine: 2001 Twin Cam 107
    • Engine Builder: Dave Bozzie
    • Cases: Harley
    • Cylinders: Delkron
    • Heads: Heavily Modified Harley
    • Rocker Boxes: Roland Sands Designs
    • Cams: S&S
    • Throttle Body: S&S Super G
    • Air Cleaner: S&S
    • Exhaust: Kraus Motor Co. Stainless
    • Transmission: Harley 5 speed
    • Gears: Harley
    • Clutch: BDL
    • Primary Drive: BDL Closed Belt
    • Frame Type: 2001 FXD
    • Rake/Stretch: 28degree/Stock
    • Frontend: Kraus Motor Co. Dynamoto Inverted Ohlins
    • Frontend Length: 31.5”
    • Triple Trees: Kraus Dynamoto
    • Swingarm: Kraus Billet Trellised
    • Rear Shocks: Ohlins fully adjustable piggyback 14.25”
    • Front Wheels: BST Carbon Fiber 19” x 3”
    • Front Tire/Size: Pirelli Night Dragon 120/70-19
    • Front Calipers: Beringer 4 piston Radial
    • Front Rotors: Beringer 320mm rotors
    • Rear Wheels: BST Carbon Fiber 18" x 5.5"
    • Rear Tire/Size: Pirelli Night Dragon 180/55-18
    • Rear Caliper: Beringer 4 piston Radial
    • Rear Rotor: Beringer 320mm rotor
    • Pulley: 51 tooth Aluminum sprocket
    • Finish/Paint: Raw Aluminum
    • Paint Graphics by Taylor Schultz
    • Paint Colors: Orange, silver, black
    • Powder Coating: Kraus
    • Front Fender: Kraus Carbon Fiber front fender
    • Rear Fender: Kraus Custom Aluminum Tail Section
    • Gas Tank: Kraus Custom
    • Gauges: Motogadget
    • Handlebars: ProTapers
    • Grips: Motion Pro
    • Mirrors: CRG bar end
    • Hand Controls: Beringer Hydraulic Master Cylinders
    • Throttle: Motion Pro REV2
    • Foot Controls: Kraus Mid Controls
    • Headlight: Clearwater LED
    • Taillight: Clearwater LED
    • Seat: Obie Beaver

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