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  • Achuma was engineered to be strong and reliable, built for a lifetime of use.

    The raw metal bronze finish of the frame will change, darken and naturally patina with life. The raw aluminum sheet metal will take on different shades as it oxidizes and the owner re-cleans and re-polishes it.   The weld joints in the stainless parts will change color with time.  Dirt and oil will find its way in and live in those hard to clean places.  Achuma was built with the intention that age would set in.  That the battle scars of real road use would take their place and give spirit to the machine. Achuma will never be the same, always slightly changing.  The key is that with these changes the owner holds an experience and memory.  It is why someone has Kraus Motor Co. build them a machine like Achuma.  Just for the experience.

    A classic feeling, but aggressive and full of performance.  Vintage styling but with modern engineering and high performance products. Light but solid and strong Achuma is ultra maneuverable, with a lot of suspension.

    • Year/Make/Model: 2010 / Kraus Motor Co. / Achuma
    • Fabrication: Kraus Motor Co.
    • Assembly: Kraus Motor Co.
    • Build time: 4.5 months
    • Engine: Kraus modified S&S Shovelhead 93”H
    • Cases: S&S
    • Rods: S&S
    • Pistons: S&S
    • Cylinders: S&S
    • Heads: S&S
    • Cam: S&S
    • Ignition: S&S
    • Carb: S&S Super E
    • Pipes: Kraus Motor Co. Stainless 2 into 1 with a reverse cone.
    • Air Cleaner: Kraus Motor Co.
    • Transmission: Baker Powerbox 6 speed
    • Primary: BDL open belt 2”
    • Clutch: BDL
    • Frame: Kraus Motor Co. dual shock swingarm
    • Rake: 28˚
    • Stretch: 0
    • Forks: Kraus Motor Co. springer with Foes Racing air shock
    • Fork length (+ or -): 0
    • Additional rake in trees: 0
    • Front wheel: 17 x 3.5
    • Rear wheel: 17 x 5.5
    • Front Tire (size and make): Dunlop D607 130/80R17
    • Rear Tire (size and make): Dunlop D616 180/55ZR17
    • Front Brake: ISR 4 piston radial caliper, 320mm floating rotor
    • Rear Brake: ISR 6 piston sproket brake
    • Fuel Tank: Aluminum Kraus Motor Co.
    • Oil Tank: Aluminum Kraus Motor Co.
    • Fenders: Aluminum rear tail section
    • Handlebars: Kraus Motor Co. Moto tapered bars
    • Risers:
    • Sissy bar:
    • Headlight: Kraus Motor Co. Aluminum Dual PIA
    • Taillight: Kraus Motor Co. Ultra Bright LED
    • Hand Controls: ISR Radial Racing
    • Grips: Renthal Rubber
    • Foot Controls: Kraus Motor Co. stainless mid controls
    • Pegs: Pro Taper
    • Electrical: Kraus Motor Co.
    • Painter: none
    • Color: Raw Aluminum sheet metal and bronze metal coating on frame
    • Graphics:
    • Polishing: Kraus Motor Co.
    • Molding:
    • Electrical:
    • Seat: Obie Beaver – Beaver Leather Craft

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