American Performance Motorcycles

Every machine that rolls out of the Kraus shop is designed with attention to personal detail, engineered to perform, and built with precision and excellence.  Our philosophy:  that a motorcycle can be one of life’s most exciting accessories, has us constantly pushing to enhance the bond between man and machine.  Style, design, engineering and craftsmanship all come together to form what we like to call Machine Spirit.  The past miles, the present as it speeds by, and the future journeys are what keep us inventing, creating, evolving and celebrating.

With great respect for the past and the people that created it Kraus is focused on the future. Blending modern fabrication techniques, quality materials and performance equipment with a taste of classic goodness to create the most impressive motorcycles. One that will be coveted, revered and appreciated. The Kraus motto of blending form and function to mesh the worlds of beauty and ride-ability is seen through and through. At first glance the bikes born from the Kraus Motor Co. shop are always stunning, with craftsmanship that keeps you coming back for more, each time discovering new details. The longer you look at them the more you realize that every aspect has been thought of and much care has been taken to create a harmonious composition. We realize that it may not be the parts or pieces themselves but the space between them. Using innovative ideas and precise engineering, Kraus bikes are beautifully formed as well as amazing to ride.