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Kraus Isolated Riser Legs


  • Our Isolated Riser Legs allow you to adjust the height of your bars without buying a new Kraus Isolated Riser unit. Our modular system works to provide you with the ultimate in ergonomics. Works with Kraus Isolated Risers and Kraus Kickback Isolated Risers

    • When installing on Straight Isolated Risers

      3.5" Legs = 6" Risers
      5.5" Legs = 8" Risers
      7.5" Legs = 10" Riser
      9.5" Legs = 12" Risers

      When installing on Kickback Isolated Risers

      3.5" Legs = 8" Risers
      5.5" Legs = 10" Riser
      7.5" Legs = 12" Risers
      9.5" Legs = 14" Risers

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