ERG Adjustable Moto Bars


The ERG Moto Bars are designed for pure individuality. Fine tune the angle and sweep of your bars to fit your body and riding position. Simply loosen the clamp bolts and swivel the knuckles into that perfect position releasing strain on your elbows and wrists. 

Positioning your hands, arms and body mass in the perfect position increases your bodies core maneuverability thus optimizing control of the machine and providing comfort and performance. 

A great handling bike starts with ergonomics and body position. It doesn't matter how fast your bike will go or how fast you can stop if you don't have comfortable control over your machine you don't have real performance.

  • ERG Bars have a 1 inch diameter riser clamping area.
  • Use with our 1" Straight or Kickback Isolated Risers for optimum performance. 
  • Throttle By Wire Ready
  • Fits stock hand controls  
  • Height is about 4 inches 
  • Width is about 32 inches
  • Sweep is adjustable 

Check out the advantages of this setup in the videos below

See what the guys at Moonshine Harley recommend as a start to your Performance Harley build.

Black Anodized
Machine Finish
Include Riser Shims for use with 1-1/8" risers

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