Dynamoto SP Inverted Front End Kit



  • Kraus Motor Company has designed and engineered the DYNAMOTO SP INVERTED FRONT END to be the absolute best performance suspension product for Harley-Davidson™ motorcycles.

    The Dynamoto SP package takes all of the guesswork and hassle out of upgrading your motorcycles suspension. Suspension is extremely important and is at the core of a properly functional, fun and stable motorcycle.

    Suspension works to keep traction, controls the reaction of the motorcycle to road conditions, controls brake dive and increases the overall stability. A well tuned suspension ensures comfort and fun for the rider. If you’ve ever ridden a squirrelly handling machine you know exactly what we mean when we say “suspension is critical to enjoying the ride”.

  • For full fitment you will need to add an Axle and Spacer option, a Headlight or Fairing option, a Fender option,  and Rotor Spacers for 2005 and previous front wheels.                                                                                                           
  • Complete with:

    Recommended Accessories:

  • The Kraus Dynamoto SP kit can fit Harley-Davidson™ motorcycles: Dyna, FXR, Sportster and Softail models.  FXRT fairings will need minor modification for fork and triple tree clearance.

    Our kits bolt on to:

    • Dyna
    • FXR
    • Sportster
    • Softail

    Select "custom" in the "Select your Bike" options below if you require customized product options and send us your email address.

    Installation Instructions


  • Gold Forks:
     - Raw aluminum tree's
     - Raw aluminum caliper adapters

    Black Forks:
     - Black anodized tree's
     - Black anodized caliper adapter

  • Why an Inverted front fork suspension is superior to a conventional (tube & slider) front suspension

    Front forks on a motorcycle need to be as rigid as possible, to function as effective suspension parts. They also need to be as light as possible.

    An inherent advantage of inverted forks is their weight, they're lighter than conventional front ends. A steel fork tube is the heaviest part of a traditional fork assembly. By design, inverted forks have shorter and thinner walled fork tubes. This results in less steering inertia and more responsive handling feel.

    One more benefit, inverted front ends deliver better compression and rebound dampening than conventional designs. Oh and one more big benefit when you compare invented front ends against conventional front (tube & slider) ends is their strength.

    Inverted forks, by design are stronger than conventional front end assemblies

    Most of the stress applied to forks occurs just below the bottom triple tree. When you pull the brake lever you are “braking the wheel” and the bike slows because the front wheel is attached to the front suspension. The momentum of the bike transmits through the forks, trying to push the front wheel.

    Think of the force being exerted upon a steel fork tube, just below the lower triple tree, now think of that same force on an inverted front end - clearly the inverted front end is stronger, by far, the tube absorbing those forces is of a much greater diameter.

    Inverted forks are exponentially more rigid because they mount the larger diameter “slider” to the triple tree. Conventional forks mount to the triple tree via the smaller and heavier steel fork tube.

    The much more rigid (compared to a steel fork tube) slider makes up a higher percentage of the overall length in an inverted front end. This design benefit reduces flex and improves handling and feel, what we call “connectedness” when compared to a conventional design..

    Additionally, inverted forks are stronger because they have more overlap – the distance the fork tube protrudes into the slider – than conventional forks. The more overlap, the more rigid the front fork assembly.

    Clearly, you can see why we are such fans and proponents of the inverted front fork design!! There is no reason we all can’t enjoy the benefits of a well built and designed front suspension. KRAUS is working hard to bring these big benefits to the riders that need and will appreciate them most, the Long Riding touring set and the Dyna Tough riders!

Caliper Mount Type
Triple Tree and Caliper Mount Color
Black Anodized
Machine Finish
Fork Color

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Sport performance technology for your Harley Davidson


The team at Kraus Moto has been designing, engineering and testing Dynamoto SP suspension and braking setups for more than 5 years in punishing, real world riding conditions. We have chosen the best available technology and have engineered what we feel is the best possible functional design to improve the handling performance of your Harley Davidson. We believe that when it comes to your safety and enjoyment on a motorcycle there is no second chance.

Finally you can ride your Harley and your sport bike at the same time. The Dynamoto SP Inverted Front End offers the best of both worlds.

GPR Steering Stabilizer V4 on Kraus Triple Trees

  • Let us know if you have fitment questions.
  • Call us at 707 595-0950, click the live chat bar on the bottom right of your browser window, or send us an email.

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