Kraus Motor Company designs, engineers. tests and manufactures Inverted hi-performance front suspension and braking systems for Harley-Davidson™ motorcycles designed to deliver road feel in real world punishing, riding conditions.

Why an Inverted front fork suspension is superior to a conventional (tube & slider) front suspension.

Front forks on a motorcycle need to be as rigid and lightweight as possible, to function as effective suspension parts. Triple trees hold the fork legs and provide the attachment points for all of the bodywork, and trim.

Billet Triple Trees: The heart of the Kraus Performance Suspension system. Ours, are strong, lightweight and precision machined from solid aluminum billet.

Inverted forks are better, stronger and lighter than conventional front ends. A steel fork tube is the heaviest part of a traditional fork (tube & slider) assembly. By design, inverted forks have shorter and thinner walled fork tubes. The result, less steering inertia and more responsive handling.

Inverted front ends deliver better compression and rebound dampening than conventional designs.

One more big benefit when you compare invented front ends against conventional front (tube & slider) ends is their strength.
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