Crossfit and Kraus Motor Co - Building Performance

August 01, 2017


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Crossfit Journal Presents:

Satya Kraus, 41, owns Kraus Motor Co. in Santa Rosa, California, where he focuses on building high-performance, functional motorcycles.

“I’ve always worked to include function in the motorcycles I’ve built,” Kraus says, “and I think it’s stood out more than anything else.”

Kraus and wife Tiana recently attended a CrossFit Level 1 Seminar, and parallels between CrossFit and Kraus Motor Co. are undeniable. Similar to the way CrossFit trumps all other training programs and encourages the pursuit of excellence, Satya’s aim is for Kraus Motor Co. to produce motorcycles that best all others.

“Kraus Motor Company was developed and built on the idea that we could do something better,” Satya says. “Performance, quality, honesty. Creating a product that is honestly better than something else out there.”


Article by:

Mariah Moore & Michael Dalton

Satya Kraus
Satya Kraus


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