Lone Star - American Performance Redefined

Lone Star - American Performance Redefined

by Ethan Allen November 25, 2015

Lone Star - American Performance Redefined

Hot Bike: What did you decide to build for the 2015 Hot Bike Tour bike?

Satya Kraus: I built a 2003 Harley-Davidson Dyna called the “Lone Star”. The Lone Star is a performance-built Dyna. When we say performance we mostly refer to handling and rideability. The way we have been setting bikes up translates to power-to-weight ratio being drastically improved.

HB: What kind of improvements did you make to improve power-to-weight?

SK: The motor in Lone Star is a stock 88-inch, but because we have stripped a good 50 pounds of chromed steel parts off and replaced them with light, quality engineered and machined aluminum parts, and switched to BST carbon-fiber wheels, the bike feels like it’s got at least a 95-inch built motor. Less rotating wheel mass means the torque of the motor can translate to forward velocity quicker and more efficiently. When you couple this with the industry’s top suspension components, you have a machine that can keep traction to the ground.

HB: What improvements did You make to the suspension?

SK: One of the most heard complaints of stock Harleys is the notorious death wobble felt in high-speed cornering. The stock Harley suspensions, and even some of the aftermarket ones, do not dissipate the wobble like a set of front Ohlins inverted forks and rear Ohlins adjustable shocks. I can honestly say that out of every modification we’ve made to this bike, the front inverted forks are the best and most valuable improvement. When you’re sure about your equipment, you’re able to relax and enjoy the ride.

HB: What’s the ride like?

SK: Lone Star is a very comfortable and enjoyable ride. I mounted a set of FXR Division hard bags on this bike. With those, it officially became my first bagger. I couldn’t believe how convenient it was to have all my shit with me on the road. The setup on Lone Star is dialed. Lone Star is the bike that coins the term “American performance”. HB

Words and Photos: John Zamora, Hot Bike Magazine

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Ethan Allen


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