Sturgis Road Trip 2011

June 24, 2015


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American Performance Products

Recognized in the custom motorcycle industry as an innovative company, Kraus Motor Co. has become one of the leading custom shops in the last five years. They are able to design motorcycles that win top honors at World Championship shows and also break land speed records on the Bonneville Salt Flats. Keeping true to the concept that a motorcycle needs to be fully functional has set Kraus apart from the sea of shops that build unusable customs. Owner Satya Kraus has spent his life on bikes and prides himself with being a rider. One can see in Satya’s engineering and design that he always puts ergonomics and rider comfort as the most important element. He believes that a motorcycle is an extension of ones physical self and personality. Respect and appreciation for the history of motorcycle design have instilled Satya’s style with classic design traits; when one looks closely, one can see his impressions of history within completely new designs. In just a short time Satya has created a body of work that speaks for itself in both craftsmanship and public appeal. - See more at:

Satya Kraus
Satya Kraus


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