Talking Turnkey

Talking Turnkey

April 21, 2016 1 Comment

Harley-Davidson CVO with Kraus Inverted Front End

Turnkey - a funny word that more often turns out to be not so funny.

Kraus Motor Company Performance Packages are turnkey, meaning that they come to you complete, ready to install on your (FX or FL) machine.  Only tools, a modicum of skill and time are needed to complete installation.  We can see the eyes rolling already, “yeah sure”, complete..uh huh. Right-o!

Well,  hold on please - give us a sec.

We are enthusiasts, we work on our machines - just like you or your shop, if tools don't belong in your hands. Nothing pisses us off more than spending our hard earned money on our two wheeled pride and joy to purchase a “turnkey” package - getting the bike up on the lift, old parts removed, bike cleaned up, getting ready for the installation of the new “stuff” and immediately we notice that the skyhook is missing, or the left handed smoke shifter is really a right hand unit The Framustan is really a spandangler.  Huh?

Turnkey? More like Turkey.

We’ve been victims of this type of sloppy attention to detail more than once. It’s cost us time in the shop, it’s cost us money and the loss of two-wheel riding time. This is not exactly what we signed up for when we purchased our Turnkey goods, now was it?

In response to that unacceptable turn of events, when we design KRAUS Performance Packages, we spend an ungodly amount of time, making sure your package is complete, right down to the last nut & bolt. We are super careful to make sure we've addressed every fitment challenge you might encounter. How do we do this?

We get our mitts on a specific model year bike and carefully inspect, measure, study and get our hands-on every system that our Performance Packages interact with. From bodywork, to wiring and hose routing, we’ve made sure that the package you purchase from us is going to work as you want it to, and as we intended. The KRAUS R&D team labors over the fitment of every piece and part.  This takes time, a lot of it. It's no accident things fit. We budget a lot of time for R&D.

You’ll notice that there are very few washers, spacers and things of that nature in a Kraus Motor Company Performance Package - there are no slop-taker uppers. Why you might ask?

We make sure things are precise, to the Nth degree. We machine parts so they do not require slop-taker-uppers like washers and spacers. You’ve really got to have your shit together to deliver a part that fits like ours do - the fit has to be precise.  Precise is the name of the KRAUS game and that doesn't happen by accident.

At KRAUS we do a lot of measuring and checking, and then check that, and then check our checking.  It's a vicious cycle of relentless improvement - and it's necessary to deliver a beautiful package of gear that fits your machine  precisely. You want precise, you want fit - we deliver it.

It’s why our goods will NEVER be the cheapest. Cheap is just that, cheap - and cheap is not all about the money either, because we’ve seen a lot of cheap “expensive”stuff too. Cheap is about cutting corners in whatever way is possible, cheap is about “good enough”.  Cheap  is about using washers and spacers -  when a little care might have eliminated the need. Cheap is a foreign concept to us, you want cheap- go somewhere else, because you’ll not get it from Kraus Motor Company.

We are proud of our precise nature, we go to great lengths to make sure that when you finally have your KRAUS Performance Package in front of you, all the parts are there, the instructions are complete, understandable and accurate.

TURNKEY, is the Kraus Motor Company way, we’ll leave the turkey to famboozlers, shamans and, most importantly Thanksgiving (our favorite holiday).

Please take a look at how the Kraus Motor Company can make your Harley-Davidson™ the best it can be.

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Evelyn Krsus
Evelyn Krsus

November 09, 2016

Kraus .. ⭐️Yay

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