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March 31, 2016


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American Performance Products

Kraus Lone Star Harley-Davidson DynaKraus Motor Company makes stuff. We are a manufacturing company that specializes in making the systems, pieces and parts that allow you to take your lumbering Harley-Davidson™ and transform it into a super stable machine that is about 10x more fun to ride than a stock machine.

No, seriously, 10x.

If Harley-Davidson™ was to try and offer a machine that was as tight and good handling as a Kraus outfitted machine, it would still miss the mark due to the constraints of large unit manufacturing and the need to please everyone, including the Accounting dudes. Uncompromising quality is tough on systems, it takes time and gets pricey. Kraus packages are not for everyone, we admit it. But we could be. We want everyone to have the best.

When it comes to manufacturing, our small team makes all of our parts ourselves, in house. We do this because it is the only way we can be assured the manufacturing and finishing work will be done right, and to our exacting standards. We use the very best, most modern tools, techniques and materials available. It's one of the reasons our products look as good as they do - good stuff looks good. Crap does not look good, at least not for very long. Time reveals all.

Rear Radial Caliper Adaptor

Thing is, we don't want a big building with a sea of employees stationed at row upon row of CNC machines, cranking out the goods, making chips. That's not where our interests lie. We don't have grand plans to scale up and dominate the world. We are simply out to make the best systems for Harley-Davidson™ that we can, for the fairest price possible. We want lots of happy customers, who tell their friends how great our stuff is… That's the goal.

Research & Development is at the core of the Kraus Motor Company brand. We are engineers, we design strength and durability into our products. We build prototypes of our ideas, we flog our products ourselves, we beat the crap out of our products. There’s nothing better than the real world to test this stuff. Satya Kraus, our founder is hard on bikes and gear, he tries to break everything we make. He is a pain in the ass.

Welding in the Kraus SHopOur relentless testing and R&D is also a genuine pain in the ass to be honest, but in the end it makes our stuff bulletproof, and so we do it because it is the right thing to do. There is no “hack” on R&D, you put the time in, you test you learn and you refine. Having stuff break is not acceptable, especially when all our lives depend on it performing to spec. You'll recognize, if you take the time to look at our goods, that everything is super heavy duty, durable as we can make it and still manages to look good.

There is a good reason that the current hardcore FXR/Dyna crews in SoCal, and riders like Buddy Suttle on his UNKNOWN INDUSTRIES Dyna are all over our goods - they handle and perform to a very high standard, can take a beating (just look at how these guys ride all the time, it's ridiculous) and look great. Slam dunk, more durability testing!

Triple Trees

Conversely, our parts are finding their way onto machines that might be just as extreme, but don't spend their lives with the front wheel in the sky. There are many riders that road trip, with fully loaded FXD/FLT/FLH machines, that have come, through experience to appreciate a stout suspension and braking package. If you go far and you go fast and you go fully loaded, you are a good candidate for a Kraus Performance package.

It's what we’d want if we were purchasing the goods ourselves…

Quality Assurance is a big part of the manufacturing process and it is one of the reasons why we will never turn out thousands and thousands of our kits and parts. We would never be able to keep our hands on every single piece we send out- and we are truly hands on.

Front Caliper AdaptorSo we make our parts and kits one at a time, carefully. And we still manage to satisfy our customers with good turnaround and delivery timeframes, after all, this is a business. Just remember, our hands are on each and every piece, we manufacture, assemble and pack every part ourselves. We stand behind it all.

And we take pride in knowing that when that part is finally installed on your machine, the shit eating grin that will result makes it all worthwhile.


Love it, hate it, think we are right or think we got it wrong?  Please let us know!

We truly want to know what you think of what we are saying and doing, so please leave a comment below and the Kraus team will respond promptly.

Steve Berner
Steve Berner


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