Smoking Tires @  San-Diego Harley-Davidson™

Smoking Tires @ San-Diego Harley-Davidson™

by Dallas Casey March 25, 2016

Another night of smoking tires and controlled chaos brought to you by the skilled riders of Unknown Industries and San Diego Harley-Davidson™. Kraus Motor Company is proud to be a sponsor of this skilled team of stunt riders, and supplies The Unknown Industries team with inverted front end suspension packages. This state of the art suspension package allows a rider the utmost control - critical when throwing a 500lb.+ bike around in a tiny area, surrounded by the public.

Kraus Motor Company products enhance the Harley-Davidson™ riding experience and are designed to be easily installed on Harley-Davidson™ Dyna,  FXR and FLH/FLT models.

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Dallas Casey
Dallas Casey


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